The pied crow is a common resident usually seen singly or in pairs. During the breeding season flocks of up to 300 birds are sometimes formed.

Appearance: Similar to the house crow except much larger with the white breast extending into a white collar. The rest of the bird is black. The sexes are identical although the female has a slightly more slender, shorter bill.

Size: Pied crows can be up to 45cm tall and weigh ‎between 400 and 700g.

Habitat: This bird is prolific throughout southern Africa but prefers savannah woodland and bushy shrubland. It is often found near human settlements and even in cities.

Feeding Habits: Fiercely omnivorous, pied crows will eat plant matter, eggs, other birds, bats, reptiles, rodents, snakes and carrion. Known for storing food in a hole under a rock and often seen scavenging from garbage dumps.

Call: Makes an unmistakable loud ‘kraah’ noise and also a snoring ‘khrr’.

Breeding: The nest is built in the fork of a tall tree. It is bowl-shaped and constructed from twigs and wire, then lined with fur, wool, rags and even dung. Between 1 and 7 eggs are laid. The Pied Crow is parasitized by the great-spotted cuckoo.