The burnt-necked Eremomela is a tiny inconspicuous warbler which is difficult to spot. It is fairly common in its preferred habitats from Zambia to Malawi and south into southern Africa.

Appearance: Both male and female birds are grey-brown above with pale yellow-buff underparts and a thin chestnut cheek stripe. During breeding season a narrow dark chestnut throat band usually appears. The birds are very similar in appearance to the Grey Penduline Tit. Juveniles lack the chestnut cheek stripe and collar.

Size: This tiny bird weighs just 9g and is 11cm from beak to tail.

Habitat: Burnt-necked Eremomelas are usually seen in pairs or groups or foraging with other birds. They inhabit acacia savannah and fine-leaved Acacia woodland, and occasionally gardens with Acacia trees.

Feeding Habits: Their preferred foods are insects and aloe nectar.

Call: The call is a very high pitched and rapid “twee-twip-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti” followed by a short trill.

Breeding: The Burnt-necked Eremomela builds its nest in the acacia canopy, constructing a delicate cup from soft plant materials, dry leaves and insect egg capsules. Between 1 and 4 eggs are laid from September to April. Both parents incubate the eggs and take care of the chicks.