A very common resident bird, black-throated canaries are members of the finch family and form large flocks in winter.

Appearance: These small dull, grey-brown birds have a distinguishing black smudge on the throat and a bright yellow rump. The white tip of the tail is visible in flight. There is a feint greenish tinge to the shoulders which is absent in the female bird. Juveniles do not have the black throat marking.

Size: This finch has a length of 10.5 to12cm; and weighs between 8 and14g.

Habitat: Found in semi-arid savannah, dry woodlands, fallow fields and gardens.

Feeding Habits: Eats seeds, flower buds, nectar, aphids and termites.

Call: A sustained jumble of whistles and trills similar to the yellow fronted canary. Also capable of mimicry.

Breeding: The nest is cup-like and built from dry grass, tendrils and fine twigs, It is lined with plant down, hair, wool and feathers. The nest may be placed in a bunch or pine cones, at the base of a palm frond or in the fork of a tree. Eggs are laid year-round and the chicks are fed by both parents.