Grey-backed Camaroptera are resident breeders in sub-Saharan Africa.

Appearance: The grey-backed Camaroptera is a warbler and very similar in appearance to the Green-Backed Camaroptera. Recent studies imply that they may be the same species. The only distinguishing feature between the two birds is the grey back and crown of the grey-backed Camaroptera during the breeding season. Non-breeding birds have ash-brown coloured upper parts with a white or cream upper breast. The wings are olive with paler flight feathers. The short grey tail is often held cocked. Juveniles have olive-brown upper parts and are paler in the breast.

Size: This bird grows to 13cm and weighs about 10g

Habitat: Grey-backed Camaroptera typically skulk in thickets and undergrowth found in savannah, thornveld and forest habitats. It is more common in drier areas than its green-backed relative.

Feeding Habits: Insectivorous

Call: Loud and penetrating ‘kwit-kwit-kwit’ alarm call is nasal and bleating sounds like ‘maa’. Also a whining ‘sheee…sheee’.

Breeding: The grey-backed Camaroptera lays 2 or 4 eggs in a nest built low in a bush. The nest is woven from grass and surrounded by leaves bound together.